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Book a Sip + Paint with Flygirrl

For the past few years, I've been leading Sip + Paint events for both Kids and Adults. I led a few Adult ones and then in 2018, moved into Cherry Street Pier and started to produce them there with my partner, Melody Forrester of Artist First Records. We have a company called Creative Connectors, which was the company we created prior to being chosen as a resident artist for the launch of Cherry Street Pier.

We began hosting both Kid and Adult Sip + Paint events and they were wildly popular! Especially the Kids Sip + Paint. Our biggest group was a camp of 75! Whether kids or adults, it's all just so much fun! My favorite part is when participants don't know what we're doing and then at the end are surprised and proud of themselves after they see what they have accomplished with my guidance!

If you're interested in booking a Sip + Paint with Flygirrl for a birthday party, special event, team building with your work team, or just to be creative and have fun - visit to get more info and to submit an request for a booking, locally in the tri-state area, of course.


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